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Survey and Sampling

In our holistic approach to geosciences we appreciate the importance of a thoroughly conducted field campaign for generating a useful and accurate exploration plan, sampling survey or regional mapping project. With over twenty years of field experience on five continents the Geo Target Solutions Inc. team is well equipped to design and conduct field studies in all types of terrains and climatic conditions. Different representative sampling strategies are adjusted to suit both surficial and underground targets and to work independently or in collaboration with a client while accommodating their budget. Expert field consultancy services comprise:

  • Mapping and interpreting the relationships between barren and mineralized veins, dykes, intrusions and rock formations.
  • Mapping and interpreting the relationships between rocks within complex magmatic and sedimentary systems.
  • Unraveling the deformational history of structurally complex regions.
  • Rock, till, soil, sediment water and air sampling.
  • Designing and performing sampling strategies targeted towards the client’s application.