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Dr. Aleksandar Mišković

Dr. Aleksandar Mišković

GTS Inc. Director
Geochemistry and Geochronology

Alex completed his post-doctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009 where he experimented on high P-T hydrous phase equilibria and water storage in deep planetary interiors. He served as a diamond geologist with NTGO in Yellowknife, Canada before moving to UBC’s Mineral Deposit Research Unit in 2012 to manage the Western Tethyan Metallogeny project, MDRU’s biggest industry-academia consortium. Passionate about all things magmatic, Alex surveyed intrusive and volcanic complexes of wide ranging mineralogies, emplacement depths and ore-bearing potentials along the world’s two longest orogens: the North American Cordillera-Andes system (Peru, Canada) and the Euroasian Alpine-Himalayan (Tethyan) Belt.

Dr. Miskovic specializes in measuring elemental concentrations and isotopic ratios of igneous rocks using a range of (mass) spectrometric techniques. Alex’s laboratory experience with in situ U-Pb dating of zircons, electron and ion micro-probing of minerals, petrographic interpretations and micro-imagery complements his field mapping skills. His goal is to incorporate quantitative data sets into petrogenetic models that bear both geodynamic and metallogenic significance.

Alex offers 15 years of expertise related to mineralogy, geochemistry, geochronology and isotopic tracing of ores, rocks, hydrothermal fluids and sediments.