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Current Efforts

GeoTarget Solutions Inc. currently leads a field based and assaying study of gold bearing rocks in several regions of the cordilleras of Ecuador. We are investigating the relationship between gold abundance, alteration type, regional magmatism and shearing, by combining detailed structural studies with in-depth petrological and geochemical analyses. Our aim is to generate accurate predictions of grade and mode of spatial distribution, determine the economic feasibility of the deposits and sell potentially prosperous regions to the highest bidder. All directors and professional associates of GeoTarget Solutions Inc. are engaged in the program, which includes regular field studies of the targeted regions.

A three day short course on metallogenic provinces of Ecuador and Colombia is currently offered by GTS Inc. For further details please see here.

Completed Projects

Short courses

Using thermochronology to improve hydrocarbon exploration strategies. Ecopetrol, Bogota, Colombia, 2003.

Field projects and data collection

  • Constraining the time of mineralisation and exhumation of gold in sedimentary rock-hosted deposits using the 40Ar/39Ar and apatite fission-track methods, in the Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria (in collaboration with Dr. Istvan Marton and Dundee Precious Metals Inc.) 2008
  • Employed the 40Ar/39Ar method to constrain the timing of magmatic-hydrothermal activity at the Cerro de Pasco epithermal polymetallic deposit, Peru (in collaboration with Dr. Regina Baumgartner and Volcan Compañia Minera SA). 2006
  • Constraining the timing of giant-porphyry type mineralisation at Yanacocha, Peru (in collaboration with Dr Massimo Chiaradia, Daniel Marino and the Newmont Mining Corporation). 2008
  • Dating, multi-component isotopic tracing and petrogenesis of granitoid rocks hosting a combined orogenic-type load Au-Ag and a porphyry carbonate-base metal-Au deposit at the Pataz property, La Libertad, Peru (in collaboration with INGEMMET and CIA Minera Poderosa S.A.). 2006
  • Determination of the timing of epithermal Au-Ag and cordilleran type ores at the Colquijirca District, Peru, using the 40Ar/39Ar method (in collaboration with Ronner Bendezu and the Sociedad Minera El Brocal S.A.A.). 2005
  • Mapping, sampling and prospecting in the Sifton Range volcano-plutonic complex, SW Yukon, Canada. Dating shallow plutons and establishing a petrogenetic model for the evolution of the complex. Particular attention devoted to identification of the skarn-type mineralisation and high sulphidation, epithermal Au-Ag-Cu deposits identified in the neighbouring and coeval Eocene Bennett Lake caldera. 2002-2003
  • Constraining the timing of hydrothermal iron ore deposition at Divriği, Turkey, using the 40Ar/39Ar method (in collaboration with Dr. Robert Marschik and the Divriği and Karakuz mines). 2007
  • Providing geochronology services for the British Geological Survey; Determination of the age of magmatic rocks in the Western Cordillera of Ecuador using the Zircon fission track method. 2001

Scientific research

  • Multi-phase (biotite, K-feldspar, amphibole), multi-technique (40Ar/39Ar method, AFT, (U-Th)/He) thermochronology of the Peruvian Eastern Cordillera (2009-ongoing).
  • High precision quantification of the exhumation and tectonic history of the northern Andes (Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela) using numerous thermochronological tools (1998 – ongoing). This extensive research programme has been funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and provides an extremely precise and accurate determination of the preservation potential of porphyry and orogenic type deposits throughout the northern Andes.
  • Experimental study of vapour-saturated melting of a model Martian mantle up to 40 kbar. This research examines composition of liquids produced by melting of a wet mantle that existed in early planets. Stabilities of hydrous silicates as potential water repositories within deep planetary interiors are also investigated (2008-ongoing).
  • Thermochronology and tectonics of early alpine nappe complexes in Eastern Bulgaria (2008). This project is in collaboration with Dr. Nikolai Bonev, and concludes with an assessment of the mode and timing of thrust tectonics in the metalliferous Eastern Rhodopes region of Eastern Europe.
  • Tectonic history of the Southern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone (2006-ongoing). This research programme utilises geochronological and thermochronological methods to determine the tectonic history of basement blocks in the Southern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone that host hydrocarbon bearing basins.
  • Probing the proto-Andean margin of the Western Gondwana during the break-up and ultimate assembly of Pangaea by constraining the timing and along-strike extent of subduction versus extension-generated magmatism (Eastern Cordillera of Peru; 2004-2008).
  • Thermochronology and tectonics of the Andean cordillera in central Chile (33.0-38.0°S) (2003-2006). This research concluded with a high resolution exhumation map of central Chile, including regions that host world-class economic porphyry deposits (e.g. El Teniente).
  • Spatial and temporal transition from tholeiitic to calc-alkaline differentiation trends in arc lavas across a continental subduction zone (northern Canadian Cordillera; 2002-2004).
  • Relationships between subduction-related granitoid plutonism and coeval calc-alkaline volcanism (Cascades and Canadian Cordillera; 2002-2004).
  • Thermal and tectonic stability of the cratonic interior of northern Australia. An assessment of the history of structural reactivation and therefore the preservation and redistribution of world-class Pb-Zn-Cu deposits at Mt. Isa, Australia (1994-1998).
  • Rare Earth Element and iron abundances in carbonatite complexes, central Namibia (1993). An assessment of the potential of carbonatitic systems to yield economic deposits.