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Our experience in determining the absolute ages of crystalline and sedimentary rocks by a variety of radiometric tools is long and proven. At GeoTarget Solutions Inc. a unique approach of utilizing complementary isotopic systems is tailored to customers' needs to achieve the best precision and reliable accuracy. We can date all geological materials at all time scales, from billions of years to historical records. The radiometric techniques and their common applications include:

  • Dating hydrothermal mineralization (U-Pb titanite, 40Ar/39Ar adularia, biotite and alunite).
  • Constraining ages of emplacement (crystallization) and metamorphism of igneous rocks (in situ U-Pb zircon, monazite, rutile; whole rock Rb-Sr; Nd-Sm, and Re-Os).
  • Calculating model ages (Hf, Nd, Pb, Os; model-dependent age of separation of magma from the mantle).
  • Quantifying mantle evolution, depletion, and heterogeneity (whole rock Lu-Hf).
  • Establishing provenance ages of wind-blown or stream-deposited sediments.